Pelicans – Asst. Coach Phil Weber and Kid’s Night

Though I’ve been too busy to write about it, we had a blast at the Pelicans game last Sunday. With no Saints game that day,    we were happy to have our other favorite team to cheer on. Season ticket holders have some advantages and one offering is a private audience with someone from the coaching staff. Asst. Coach Phil Weber couldn’t have been more personable and candid, even while fielding tough questions like the one from a 4 or 5 year old in the front row, “How old are you?” Brought in by new head coach Alvin Gentry, Weber seems to have a Midas touch contributing to winning seasons and championships on a string of teams. Despite the Pelicans slow start this season (due in large part to injuries and the toughest opening schedule in the league), optimism burns bright for Gentry, Weber and the rest of the team leading the team to the NBA Championship this season (due in large part to injuries healing and the easiest last 30 games in the league). 

Before the game, we enjoyed the free beer garden (with popcorn and snack mix) for season ticket holders, met other enthusiasts and ran into “seat neighbors.” Children played at the many outdoor games set up for them as Amanda Shaw entertained the crowd with her fiddle.

I’ve always found the Pelicans games to be one of the most family-friendly events in town. This was put in high relief on Kid’s Night. Forget about “Kiss Cams” (ew, yuck – cooties!), the whole game either included children or catered to them. Our junior MC was every bit as charismatic and adorable as Shirley Temple – with the curls to boot. There were junior cheerleaders, kid-hypers and  a halftime game of “Biddy Ball” dominated by a tall, bold, skillful girl and a pint-sized boy with the heart of a lion.

The Pelicans were victorious in a nail-biter over the Suns, a much needed 2-game winning streak. If you haven’t checked out the team, I should mention that the Pelicans currently have the general-concensus best player in the NBA today, Anthony Davis (AD). When you ask the greats who they have their eye on, it’s our young “AD” who has people declaring, “Fear the brow!” The whole team has the stuff of greatness and a coaching staff that’s already experienced it. Slow start or not, I think it’s going to be a great season to be a Pelicans fan.

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