French Quarter Fest 2022 – Sat.

Saturday is always the busiest day of the 4-day French Quarter Fest. All of the 20 stages and 50+ food booths were open and crowded. We started with the quieter sounds of Sarah Quintana before moving on to rocking and rolling with Irene Sage Band. When it comes to covers of anything by Stevie Nicks or Fleetwood Mac, Irene Sage is still the only singer that fills me with joy. 

Big Chief Monk Boudreaux & the Golden Eagles filled the big stage with beaded and feathered Mardi Gras Indian suits. I especially loved the Big Chief’s rendition of Indian Red.

Lunch was another Cochon de Lait Po-Boy ($12) from Walker’s Southern Style BBQ – one of my favorite fest foods. We followed that with Original Crawfish Bread ($9) and delicious all-meat Louisiana Blue Crab Cakes ($10) from TJ Gourmet. 

The trombone-driven rock/jazz/folk/funk band, Bonerama, played a mix of originals and covers – including crowd-favorite Zeppelin. We left the big stage early so we could catch James Martin Band on a stage perched above the Mississippi. The band had a spectacular view of the Moonwalk, Jackson Square, and the Cathedral – and us dancing to their music. We’ve enjoyed James Martin’s sax-playing for years with bands like Glen David Andrews and Soul Brass Band, but it was wonderful to see that Martin also has a great singing voice. 

Keyboardist John “Papa” Gros and guitarist Walter “Wolfman” Washington (& the Roadmasters) were all playing at the same time on different stages so we had to miss parts of each concert. Both artists are masters of their instruments and terrific vocalists who bring soul to their songs.

Though there was still more music all over the city, we decided to get another bite and call it a night so we ended with Koz’s Roast Beef Debris Cheese Fries ($8) and got some rest for Sunday’s closing day.

Enjoy the photos!



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2 responses to “French Quarter Fest 2022 – Sat.

  1. Once again a wonderful collection of FQF photos. Great combo with your description of the day’s outings. Having a real chilly time getting spring going up here in Canada. Your pics made tonight seem a bit warmer. Merci beaucoup! ;>)

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