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Krewes of Thoth & Bacchus Parades

After a weather rescheduling cancelled the bands and dancers from the Krewe of Muses parade, I couldn’t wait to dance with the Pussyfooters in the Krewe of Thoth parade. But Carnival had turned tragic again Saturday night with the second tandem-float-related death. To be honest, it was an odd day. I was grateful to be spending it with my pink-corseted sisters bringing smiles to thick crowds.

Founded in 1947, the Krewe of Thoth has a unique Uptown route designed to pass hospitals and other care facilities people have trouble leaving for a parade. Continue reading

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Pussyfooting in the Krewe of Thoth Parade and Mardi Gras Wrap-up

It’s been a week since Carnival ended and I’m still winding down from my best and busiest Mardi Gras season ever! As always, I attended dozens of parades, caught throws and wore costumes but this year I was a Pussyfooter in 3 parades, even wearing my pink pride while riding with Quentin Tarantino in his Orpheus float. Experiencing the parades from the inside gave my insight into the work, love and commitment it takes to create the biggest party in the world and provide it to everyone for free. Bless the Krewes who pay for this extravaganza and the thousands of people who costume-up to throw beads, dance, play in bands, twirl batons, stilt walk, ride horseback, sling flambeau lamps, roller skate and otherwise entertain the masses.  Continue reading


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HBO’s Treme and Treme Bicentennial

As I recently remarked to someone, New Orleans is definitely a “you had to be there” kinda thing. HBO’s Treme helps illuminate some of why that’s so. There are actually 2 Tremes, the show and the neighborhood in which it’s primarily set. The actual Treme is the oldest black suburb in the United States, the home of Armstrong Park and Congo Square where jazz (and most American music) was born. This weekend, New Orleans celebrated the neighborhood’s 200th year with a bicentennial festival complete with concerts, food and second line parades. Continue reading


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Largest Po-Boy, Spring Fiesta and Raintree Gala

I’ve said it before, if you leave your house, this city rises to meet you. New Orleans is full of life and leaves nothing uncelebrated. Saturday in the French Quarter might include a food festival, a parade and a gala as it did for me last week. We stumbled first onto the longest oyster po-boy in the world. A thousand fried oysters from Acme Oyster House filled a 3 block long baguette on Bourbon Street. Different local restaurants dressed sections about 6 feet long. Continue reading

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Cupid Shuffle

I forgot to mention a critical moment during my time in the French Quarter on Sunday before the game. Denise not only refilled my beer over and over, she taught me a very valuable lesson – how to dance the Cupid Shuffle. The whole bar was doing it. This is line dancing New Orleans-style, Big Easy-style, Who Dat?-style. Toddlers and grandparents of every race and creed do this dance. Continue reading


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