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Favorite Things in NOLA 2011

I continue to accumulate favorite things about New Orleans, but here’s my second year favorites in a nutshell. Anything named previously in my Favorite Things in NOLA 2010 is marked with an Asterix*. Though there are too many “ties,” revealing an inability to “just pick one,” I promise you there were so many more things I wanted to include, so many more people and places I felt deserved mentioning. Continue reading


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Hornets and Tigers and Saints, oh my!

The New Orleans Hornets had their 6th straight win last week. They’ve beat several of the top ranked teams to remain undefeated. They’d already surpassed a team record when they got 5 wins to start the season. This new coach seems positively inspirational. But don’t take my word for it, watch a game and see for yourself. Continue reading


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